Nordic Smallworld User Conference 2016, agenda

DAY 1. Wednesday 28th   DRAFT, changes possible

 8:30 Registration and morning coffee

 9:00 Spatialworld – Introduction & Welcome

 9:15  Keynote speaker, Ville Koivuranta, Sharper Shape – Drone based infrastructure inspections

10:00 Rolf Hillestad (Smallworld Systems) – Cheap and easy mapping with drone deploy

10:30 Coffee break

10:50 Morten Moe (Smallworld Systems) Trude Nordland Kvenild (Get) – Network consolidation: converting data from other NIS to Smallworld

11:20 Juha Tuomaala/Jouni Mansikkamäki, NLSF – Digitalization leap in NLS with Smallworld GIS

12:00 Christofer Fransson, Ellevio – Data export to ADMS. Technical overview and issues with data quality.

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Dave Bolsdon, GE  – Smallworld Business update and version 5(.1) experiences.

14:00 Panel discussion – Key take-aways from upgrades to Smallworld version 4.3 and heading towards 5.1

14.30 Tapio Hínden – DNA Interoperability challenges for telco operators

15:00 Coffee break

15:20 Smallworld Systems – Smallmap update: utilisation, new features and use cases

15:50 Lassi Tani/Petri Nisumaa, Spatialworld – Smallworld and FME interoperability

16:30 End of day 1

Evening event at World Heritage Site Suomenlinna

DAY 2. Thursday 29th  DRAFT, changes possible

 8:30 Morning coffee

 9:00 Lasse Mederud, Geomatikk – How the application “Stolpekontroll” (Pole Inspection) help inspectors save time and increase data quality

 9:30 Morten Kjøren, Trønderenergi Elektro – Street Lights maintenance for municipalities

10:00 Ilkka Vanhamaa, NLSF – Topographic DB and open data in NLS

10:30 Coffee break

10:50 Dave Bolsdon, GE – NI, ME

11:30 Jüri Lippus, Affecto – Data quality and interoperability

12:00 All involved, others networking – Annual User Group Meeting

12:30 Lunch

13:30 N. N. – Using LNI in service delivery processes

14:00 BOI & SPW – Business analysis and reporting

14:30 Spatialworld – End of the event, farewell words

14:35 -> All   If not in a hurry last chance for networking

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